"Penetration of foreign markets: your development insurance"

Your needs

  • Develop your contracts abroad
  • Create a subsidiary abroad
  • Establish a Mix between Exports and Relocations
  • Open a representative office in France (for a foreign regional organization, for example)
international markets
international markets

Our services for a company

  • Study the interest of an international approach in relation to your business strategy
  • Conduct an audit of the needs and resources of your business
  • Establish development scenarios
  • Look for export aid
  • Look for available aids in planned international sites
  • Establish medium and short term action plans

Our products & missions

  • Creation of a "turnkey" subsidiary abroad (with our local partners)
  • Opening of a liaison office or a subsidiary in France for a foreign company
  • Representation in France of a region or an economic organization
  • non-exhaustive list ...

Our services for a foreign company

  • Promotion of implantation sites in France and abroad
  • Presentation of legal, economic and fiscal information
  • Grant applications
  • Editing of implantation files
Creation of the implantation file

Europconsult adapts its due diligence to the types of missions, with the greatest respect for the intervention framework defined by legislation.

We work with the client in French, English, German, Chinese.

  • Shopping centers
  • Associations / GIE / Marketing Fund
  • Companies from France
  • European companies
  • Companies of the World
  • Business creators
  • Developers / Buyers
  • French Public Bodies
  • Organisations
  • international
  • Africa
  • Art and Patronage